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Faber Toys is a freeware application, without any imposed limitation (in functions or in time). In my opinion every user should have a similar tool for free, because sometimes it is almost indispensable.

I work on Faber Toys only in my spare time, I do not code it for a living. However, it takes me a lot of time and money in software licenses and documentation.

You do not have to pay for using Faber Toys, but if you like it very much or use it for work, you may wish to support its development by donating me some money using PayPal service or Money Bookers service (using faber@faberbox.com destination) or Kagi service.

Please note that you are neither required nor obligated, legally or morally, to donate in order to use the program, and contribution is strictly voluntary; donating will not provide you any additional feature, except for my gratitude  ;)

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  • Damiano Croci
  • Michael R.
  • Lynford
  • Adrian C.
  • Thomas H. B.
  • Eddie N.
  • Alan P. A.
  • Garth W.
  • Raymond P.
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  • Gene K.
  • David R. S.
  • Ernest E. K.
  • Barry H.
  • Samuel S.
  • Giacinta Di B.
  • Phil A.
  • KADI
  • Bruno B.
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  • Hans Joachim S.
  • Fred C.
  • DHS
  • Ted T. A., Jr.
  • Party Poker Strategy Guide
  • Victoria L. T.

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