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I'm for HTML in e-mails, because:
  • When you have a beautiful template, with CSS stylesheets, well, it's beautiful (it's like buying beautiful paper for your snail mail).
  • I can't think of any security issue, since I'm using a mailer that allows to disable script executions in mails.
  • OK, HTML is heavier, but hey, what's a few more K's ? Not much, even if you have a 56k modem.
  • You can add much more interactivity within your mails.
I hate HTML in mails, because :
  • People usually don't use special templates, they just write black text on white background.
  • I'm using M$ Outlook Express and I'm concerned about security issues and evil pop-ups.
  • I've a 28.8k modem and HTML mail just take half an hour to load.
  • What useful interactivity do people really add to their mails ? none.
a comment about HTML Email

You can get an interesting article explaining why HTML emails are harmful at Georgedillon web site.
NetiExpress helps newbies and lazy people to configure Outlook Express in order to not send emails in HTML format.

NetiExpress is a small and convenient software written in C, ready to be forwarded by email to people who send HTML email only because it's the OE default configuration.

NetiExpress is lightweight freeware, available in several languages and doesn't require installation.

You can view its screenshot before download it.

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