Page written by Roberto Vescarelli

Op. 9, Fourth Symphony, dedicated to Julia

A quiet evening. A little girl gets lost in a wood and loses consciousness of time. Having thus walked a long time, she finally gets to an abandoned castle, just as she begins to feel sleepy. The exterior of the castle looks frightening and the little girl is very scared of the stone monsters which watch over the entrance of the building.
After pushing the heavy gate open, she enters the castle. Inside only a pale moonbeam finds his way through a narrow window. It is enough for the girl to see a high-vaulted hall and tapestries, representing ancient battles, which still hang on the walls.
 After climbing many steps, the little girl gets to the top of a high tower, where she finds a dusty bed. Before falling asleep, she sits gazing at the moonlit wood around the castle.

Op. 10, String Quartet, dedicated to my friend Terry Sweet