Page written by Roberto Vescarelli

In this page I have collected my compositions in a midi format and some clarinet live recordings.
In my compositions I used many styles: baroque, classical, scholastic, chamber music, simphonic music, film music, contemporary styles like dodecaphony, etc.
When you read a score you have an imperfect idea of the real effect of the music. My midi files give you a similar idea of my music. They are "singing scores" and they need your musical immagination to be understended. A real performance would be really different from midi files.
However the idea that machines can help men in doing music is an ancient one. "Heolic harp", an ancient Greek instrument, was an harp being sounded by wind.

Some of my musical compositions should be very fine as film music scores.

The work I've composed is copyrighted, released with the Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs).

Please download my work and feel free to contact me anytime at for comments, suggestions and score requests.

You can also write at Roberto Vescarelli, via Brogeda 46, 22100 Como, Italy; and call me at +39 031 530928.

You need a suitable sound card to fully enjoy my work.

Op. 1, Preludi e fughe

prima opera

Op. 2, varied pieces

Op. 3, First Symphony

Op. 6, Second Symphony

prima opera

Dedicata a Pierluigi Gorla e alla sua famiglia per l'aiuto economico e il sostegno morale alla mia attivitą di clarinettista e compositore; senza quei due elementi neanche questa imperfetta versione della sinfonia sarebbe stata possibile;
per il fatto di essere stata l'unica persona ad aver capito che era giusto aiutare la mia arte.

Op. 4, Third Symphony, dedicated to USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave

I've called the four movements of this work, respectively, "War", "Love", "Songs and dances" (it contains my arrangments of famous american songs and Hymns), and "Victory".

Composeing the symphony I had the intention of:

1. make a commemorative picture of the eleven of September tragedy

2. describe steps of victorious war of U.S.A. and its allies against terrorism.

3. musically describe U.S.A.

4. describe the love for the Nation, the american pride, et c.

Those are ideas pictured in the first movement (WAR AGAINST TERRORISM):

bars 1 -180

The crouled threath against America was ignored by the majority of Americans: keeping busy in normal activities (works. enterteinments, intellectual activities like writing) when ....

bars 180 - 269

.. three terrible attacks happened: airplanes flied into buildings. The horrible sight of anger and death. Elicopters, fireworkers.

bars 390 - 435

A funeral march

bars 390 - 435

The President informs the Nation. The beginning of the victorious war against terror.

[I transformed the worlds of the President "OUR COUNTRY IS STRONG. A GREAT PEOPLE HAS BEEN MOVED TO DEFEND A GREAT NATION", useing an old musical trick, into the bass of the theme].

The tragedy calls american people to defend their enduring freedom. The Anglo-American alleance [I've pictured that alliance useing the theme of "God save the queen", that is equal to "My Country Tis of Thee"]

bars 435 sgg

The American Pride compares itself with a dreadful and arduous fight.

The meaning of the others movements is obvious.

Op. 5, piano sonata n° 1

Op. 7, Neoclassical flute concerto

Op. 8